Common Error Messages and Codes in Printers

When something goes wrong with the execution of a system, program, or operation, you will be noticed by showing error codes or messages. These error codes and messages give you deaths about the nature of the error, which enables developers, technicians, and tech-savvy users to resolve the issue. These are the most common error messages and the error codes linked to them.


There’s no specific error code for this. And this is language specific. This shows you that there’s a syntax error in the code. Most often this appears when the code commits a violation of the grammar rules of the language like missing brackets or inaccurate variable names.

404 Not Found

The error code for this is 404. This means that your requested resource is not found on the server. This usually appears when a file or web page you’re trying to access does not exist.

500 Internal Server Error

The error code here is 500. This is a generic server error. This means that something was off with the server while processing your request. This often comes as a result of misconfigurations, server-side issues, and code bugs.

File Not Found

There is no error code for this and it’s language specific. This is an indication that the file or directory you requested is not found in the specified location. This error often comes when you’re referencing missing files or during file operations.

Access Denied or Permission Denied

This also has no error code and it is also language specific. This means that the application or user doesn’t have the required permissions to access a particular resource. Usually, this occurs while you’re trying to write, read, or execute files if not performing prohibited operations.

Connection Timeout

Again, this has no error code and it’s language specific. This appears when the connection to the network or server times out. This indicates that the operation you requested takes too long a time to finish.

Division by Zero

This comes with no error code and it’s language specific too. This is an indication of an attempt to divide a particular number by zero which is undefined mathematically. This results in runtime errors and this is often considered as an exception.

Out of Memory Error

This comes with no error code too and is language specific. This appears when a system or program runs out of memory to be used for any operation you need. This may be because of insufficient resources or memory leaks.