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Can You Get Both High Quality & High Speed in a Fine Art Printer?

If you’re familiar with a professional photograph printed on very high-quality paper, this could be a product of a fine art printer. Many photographers must seek this printer to meet their specific quality standards.

However, if you’re going to use a fine art printer, are there any setbacks you have to expect on the quality of the speed? Read on. 

Can you have both the quality and speed of a fine art printer? 

For a short answer, it’s a yes. Because fine art printers are quite pricey, it’s not shocking that you can get many benefits from them. And that includes speed and also the quality. 

Does Fine Art Printer Prints Like Your Usual Printer?

You might wonder if fine art printers are only the name but the same as the usual printer you have in your office or at home. Well, it’s not named differently for nothing. 

The typical printing technique utilises a lesser quality paper than fine art prints. They are often more affordable than different choices. It’s not unexpectedly used when you want to print in mass and aren’t as worried about top-quality completion.

While they are both printers, the typical printer works fine; you need to advertise outside if it’s not photographic paper. However, if a photograph needs to be somewhere other than for your eyes inside the office, you should go with a fine art printer. 

Can You Get Both High Quality & High Speed in a Fine Art Printer?

What are the benefits of Fine Art Printers?

The most common is quality. However, it can also help you with time management apart from that. 

There are fine printers that have two loads. That implies you can print more in a short time. 

You’re not restricted to imprinting on rolls of paper. You can print on individual sheets and print on different media other than paper, including textures, films, and outside vinyl for signs and flags.

This kind of fine printer even has an advantageous multi-position yield crate that can go about as a catch bin or flatbed stacker. 

With this kind of printer, you’re getting both speeds in a different way than your typical printer can offer. Nevertheless, the speed and quality are still there. 

Is the quality of Fine Art Printers Good Enough?

As I have mentioned, If you want quality photographs, there’s no reason not to like fine art printers.

This printer has a tri-colour LED and a built-in densitometer. Apart from that it also has a condenser lens. All of these three make calibrating of colour much simpler. 

If you’d like to adjust the colour management on a remote console, you can. This factor makes managing your printing easier. 

What to print on Fine Art Printers?

If you are in the fine art business, the photographs from your clients must be printed on fine art printers. These include magazines, advertisement tarps, and even professional photos.

Fine art paper permits extreme tones and stamped contrasts while empowering a broad scope of dark tones. So while the quality of the printer matters, the paper does too. 


If you’re in the photography business, you can’t compromise the quality of your outputs. If you’re going to ask me, although you can get speed and quality in fine art printers, I guess quality is still the essential factor you should consider. 

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