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HP Designjet 5500: Here’s How To Replace The Carriage Belt

Replace The Carriage Belt

Well – known around the world as the makers of top notch and dependable computer hardwares and equipment, Hewlett – Packard or HP commands respect wherever and whenever it decides to put its name on it. This is because it carries with the assurance that the product if of quality and durability. What is more, the user of such product will be allowed access to the advanced programs of HP which are designed to bring convenience, efficiency and profitability.

The HP Designjet 5500 carries with it this assurance of the HP brand and it does not fail to impress. Rated by reviewers from different parts of the world as one of the best brand and model for large – scale printers and copiers, it has been considered as a must have for any copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental businesses ready and willing to take the world by storm!

This is because the HP Designjet 5500 comes with amazing speed in printing out tasks but always with ultimate photo quality. This ensures that speed in printing will not compromise the quality of the images that will come out. And speed in production is a very important aspect of a successful copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business. Also, when the HP Designjet 5500 says it has the ultimate photo quality, it simply means that its colors are consistent and accurate.

How does the HP Designjet 5500 copier achieve this? 

By integrating ink and media flexibility into its system as well as a great raster image processor support. This printer/copier also uses what it calls as the  Modular Ink Delivery System (MIDS). in this system, the ink is delivered under pressure from the large-capacity off-axis ink cartridges to the print heads. By doing this, the system is able to provide a set of two inks which are dye based and pigment based ultaviolet inks. Simply put, in the printing process, the colors remain consistent all though out the printing activity.

 The new print modes setting that the HP Designjet 5500 has allows for versatility in the choice of printing modes for each print project. This increases the productivity of the printer/copier in a way that boosts the income of the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business itself. Adding to this, the HP Designjet 5500 offers to its users the heavy – duty HP jet direct network capability. This means that not everyone needs to physically access the printer/copier which can cause delay and time lost since employees will tend to stand around waiting for their turns. By allowing the use of the network, the workers can now access the printers wirelessly which gives them the ability to maximize their time and become more productive especially in the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business.

The HP Designjet 5500 is a flexible printer/copier that allows the user to customize its system and add or delete programs as time goes by. In doing this, the HP Designjet printer can become a fixture in the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business because it will be able to adapt to the changing needs of the business as well as the changing tastes and demands of the clients.

What is more convenient to copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business owners and users of the HP Designjet 5500 is the easy access to the HP products and supplies that is necessary to the continued operation of the printer. Service assistance and copier repair is also available from HP itself so that there is no need to worry about how and where errors, breakdowns or problems in the printer can be solved or repaired.

The HP Designjet 5500 also comes with memory storage where you can easily store all of the printing files that you have used and will use for the projects that had been brought to your office. The memory is easily accessible and can be formatted for easy and secure storing of files. This will also ensure that ideas and designs specific to your company remains securely within your company.

Aside from this, the HP Designjet 5500 is made up of parts that are flame retardant and are durable. The sophisticated system inside the printer allows it to operate on its own and with as little human intervention as possible or even copier repair. It even ably measures the temperature inside and around it so that when the temperature drops to a degree that is not beneficial to the inks inside the printer, the printer will automatically shutdown to protect the inks inside it to avoid copier repair. This means that there won’t be any wastage or unnecessary destruction of the inks or any of its parts. Great production capability, efficient production and operation and a wonderful intelligence that all work for the benefit of the business owner or user. Truly, the HP Designjet 5500 is one amazingly wonderful printer/copier.

Inside the HP Designjet 5500 are hundreds of parts that help one another to produce the amazing color quality for which this printer is well known for. These parts are also the reason why the HP Designjet 5500 is able to efficiently produce quality printing jobs.

A carriage belt, found within the carriage area of the printer, is the long belt attached to the carriage and is easily accessible to the user or to any technician. The carriage belt drives the carriage assembly and as such is an important part of the printer itself since the carriage must be able to move with ease if it will produce the needed prints with quality. If the carriage belt becomes loose, or has become worn out by use or has lost its or some of its teeth, the scan axis motor will not be able to grab hold of the belt and the carriage itself will not move.

Missing teeth on the carriage belt can produce loud noises during the printing process. What is more, if the teeth of the carriage belt falls out during the printing process, it can get into the other moving parts or worse onto the printouts themselves. When this happen, wastage will surely occur since the printouts can become ruined.

As such, the carriage belt should be regularly checked by the user or its technician to make sure that it is in top shape. Once wearing out happens or the belt starts to become loose, immediate remedial actions and copier repair should be made so as to stop further damage. Torn and worn out carriage belts, carriage belts with missing teeth should be immediately replaced during copier repair. Loose carriage belts should be tightened and checked for any other irregularities.

The HP Designjet 5500 is an amazing printer/copier that is world class and a wonderful addition to the office equipment in any copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business that has been set up for the purpose of producing prints with the ultimate photo quality that clients really look for. Its presence in the company is a testament to the quality of products being produced by such a copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business. It is also a great way for business to attain a higher production rate than what it had before acquiring the HP Designjet 5500. It is also easy to use, flexible and adaptable. 

HP Designjet 5500 can be used by the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business for a very long time. The advanced and ready availability of new systems and assistance from HP itself to the companies using this printer/copier is an addition that will not require copier repair and ensure the maintenance of the printer in tiptop form for a very long period of time.  

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