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Where To Get Copier Lease For Xerox

Small businesses need to work on their tasks and focus on their mission. They need the copier to work, not someone to work on the copier. Beyond the infamous paper jams and the low ink errors, copiers might stop working at any moment because of the confusing error codes that usually pop up. 

Just like having a plumber on-call to fix a leak, you need a printer repair service that can show up in a timely manner and get your copier working again. Whether you have a color photo printer for marketing materials or a laser copier that is used every day, copier leasing services in San Jose will be able to help you. They will make emergency printer repairs in just a few hours or even less, and they should be able to schedule routine service for toner delivery and parts replacements. 

It is best to look for a copier lease service that is close to you. You do not need to load your copier in a van and take it to a repair center. You don’t have to wait for days to get an appointment time. You can go to your local copier repair center and you enjoy fast and personal service just like you’d want for any other repairs. 

Just as importantly, businesses can expect better and faster service and longer-lasting solutions when they hire a local copier repair technician that can fix their xerox copier in San Jose as opposed to a nerds-for-hire kind of service. The guys who install data servers are very tech-savvy, but they are not copier specialists. 

Here is how copier lease San Jose can give you the best services: they have an average response time of about 2 hours, or even less. Their cars are stocked with all common parts for all major brands and you can talk to a human on their staff, not a call center. They have master technicians and they have a personable, friendly, and helpful team. 

With copier leasing services in San Jose that are knowledgeable about your Xerox copier, you can schedule service for replacement parts. They all know that ink and toner cartridges can print a certain number of pages. Many copier and printer parts also have a predictable lifespan. The paper feed slot, the ink roller, and the fuser unit, and other parts that are critical might seem to give out randomly, but in fact, they can anticipate when to replace printer parts. 

Using print management software like FMAudit, the repair company can receive automated reports about the copier data. It is private and secure, they just see statuses like the number of pages printed in color or black and white. When you need a toner or a replacement part, they can schedule service at a convenient time. 

If you are tired of being unable to make copies while you wait for a copier repair, then print management software is the solution. You can also insist on OEM printer parts and supplies. Everyone likes to save money by buying store-brand groceries that taste like the famous brand. But the same principle does not hold true when considering OEM ink and toner and printer parts as opposed to compatible or even re-manufactured options. 

Compatible toner cartridges and ink are only compatible in that they fit the equipment physically. They tend to produce lower quality and increase the chance of printer failure because they are not optimized to work with photoreceptor drum or printer heads. In other words, the ink might look good but it can cause other parts to fall. 

For other printer parts, the after-market options are also made with inferior parts and imperfect designs. There are manufacturers that have patents and copyrights for their parts. Sticking with OEM printer parts for repairs means that everything will continue working as it should. Your copier repair technician should use OEM parts for a top brand like Xerox.