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I guess the answer would be no. Laser printers do not dry out, unlike what the ink does in the inkjet printers. It only needs a fine powder instead of ink, then forms the text and the images that you want to print on your paper found on the cartridge. They do not dry out even if you leave them so this is one advantage the laser printer really can best provide.

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To “run out” of ink is really annoying for someone who wanted for a masterpiece of an image printing. The use of ink is perpetually frustrating because there is always a tendency to run out of it, most especially in your peak times of need. It is really inevitable.

But toner-based printing makes a big difference for an edge. Because it is a dry toner, it soaks literally onto the paper when it is essentially pressed, fused or heated.


Yes, laser printers are little more expensive than the inkjet but the price fits for what it can provide for you. One is that the toner never dries so you will not worry about your supply to get you wrong. Here are some of its positive features:

  • Higher volumes means less cost per page.
  • Resistance to smudging and bleeding when using a laser printed material.
  • Sharper print quality
  • Faster print output
  • Advantage of buying volume discounts because toner refills is safe to be stored longer.


There is never a worry that it will dry out because it requires no ink, instead a toner. Toner is made up of plastic and iron particles. It melts into the paper with a fuser unit. 

Laser printers also has nothing to worry about plastic to melt on the sheet because it is completely water-proof. It is a waterproof printing on the edge. That is why its print quality is better. It meets the standards of a professional printing result.


Other features for a laser printer for using toner is that the copy of the document is “drawn” using a laser on an electrostatic imaging drum. When it rotates, it then pass over the toner cartridge. This toner cartridge contains carbon powder which adheres to the charged areas of the imaging drum. Then this carbon powder is being transferred to a paper that is blank through the paper feed path as the drum rotates. Then it goes to the final process wherein the powder is melted onto the paper. This process happens because of the intense fusing of the hot element that fixes the image to the paper permanently. Then it is later ejected from the laser printer. 


The powder toner is stored in an air-tight dispenser. Because of this, it prevents the toner form excessive humidity under normal circumstances. It also prevent having an adverse effect condition on toner longevity.

One practical standpoint to consider using a laser printer is that it does not require maintenance at all. It can provide no degradation in performance even used frequently over the numerous years.


Unlike the inkjet, laser printer has never a tendency to dry out. Because it uses a tone powder instead, and even can work on its own without the fear that something shocking of mess will happen when you got home.

Choosing a laser printer is a practical choice. Not just because it is higher in standards based on quality and price, there is always a chance for an advantage for it to do the job for you almost perfectly.

It takes only a smart choice to compare the inkjet and the laser printer. Both somehow may offer the same service but laser printer offers the best.