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If You Don’t Stop These Habits, Your Copy Is Doomed

The world of business moves fast these days and keeping up with everything can be tough – especially when there’s so much going on around the office. If you find yourself feeling stressed out about what might happen next in the office, try breaking some bad habits that could wreak havoc on one of the most important pieces of equipment in the office- your copy machine! 

Here are important things to avoid doing to your copier and keep your office running smoothly! 

1. Maintain a proper copier paper supply.

When paper is running low on a copier, it’s easy to get jammed. Keep an extra box of copy paper on hand in the office and replenish as needed!

2. Regularly clean the surface of your machine with a damp cloth or an air duster.

Dusty copy machines can’t read the paper properly and could also cause a jam. To avoid dust from accumulating on your copier, use an air duster to get rid of the dust every morning before attempting to do your first copying job.

3. Keep the area around your machine free from clutter to prevent accidents.

A messy copier area can cause accidents not only to the users but the machine as well. So keep the immediate area around your copier clear of clutter especially those that contain liquids. Check also for any loose cables, cords, or plugs before you turn them on so that they don’t become entangled in machinery.

4. Avoid printing on both sides of the paper – this can cause jams and other problems.

Duplex printing poses a higher risk of paper jams disrupting your production. Paper can be shredded when it flips in the printer, and shreds can get caught in the duplexer’s cogs. This problem may be resolved by removing the duplexer and making sure that the gears turn smoothly.

Don’t put heavy objects on top of copiers because this could damage them internally.

When the copier isn’t in use, don’t pile boxes or other objects on top of it. Why is this? Because stacking things on top of the copier might cause your glass to break, bend the lid, or even deform the copier surface. If there are any heat sources near the paper path, such as light bulbs or heating equipment, make sure they are at least 12 inches away.

If You Don't Stop These Habits, Your Copy Is Doomed

To save money on service calls, follow these easy maintenance tips to keep your copier in good shape!

Get a copy machine that is well-suited for your needs. 

MFPs could break down because their capacity isn’t enough for your office and workers’ copy demands. If your copy machine is constantly breaking down, the most possible reason is you might have used it too much. One of the ways to make sure that you are getting what you need is to not be fooled by “cheap” copiers that in the long run can cost you more in terms of repairs, downtimes, and overall productivity over time.

Set up regular maintenance and service visits.

These services may be recommended at different frequencies, and some leases may even require service on a regular basis. Even if it is included in the lease, you will still need to contact the service provider to schedule maintenance. Check your equipment’s maintenance schedule and create automated reminders so that you don’t forget to request the servicing you need. You can also consider hiring an on-site copier repair service to help maintain and fix problems with your equipment when they arise so that there is less risk of furthering the problem.

Now that you know the dangers of copy machine abuse, it’s time to break the bad habits. The next time you find yourself feeling stressed out about what might happen in your office, remind yourself and everyone in the workplace to avoid, at all costs, these bad habits. You could be saving both money and paper! 

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