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Features Offered by the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer

Printer helps you to print coupons, essays, or anything with ease and convenience. The fact that there is an extreme printer competition on the market today, considering the numerous printer brands, such as Canon, Epson, HP, and others, you might have a hard time picking the best and high-functioning machine. Among these brands and models of copiers, one of the machines that stand out is the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 printer.

In this post, you will be provided with a thorough and brief review of the said machine. So, read on to know more about it.

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Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer Features

Generally, copiers and printers are an important tool inside a home computer room and office. If you are planning to purchase the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer, knowing its features will help you a lot to determine whether it fits your needs or not.

The following are the features of Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer;

Fast Print Speed

The Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer has a minimum speed of printing of about 20 pages of black and white copy per minute. In terms of printing colored documents, it has a minimum speed of 10 pages per minute. Compared with the other printers and copiers, this one produces numerous copies quickly and easily. That being said, it helps anyone to have increased productivity.

High-Quality Printer

When availing copiers for lease, it is important to look for the quality of a printer. You can determine the print quality of the copiers by looking at the numbers of dots per inch.

The Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer features a print quality of 2400 x 1200. This is true for a black and white copier. If you are considering copier leasing, opt for the copier for lease that has a minimum number of dots of 600 x 600. On the other hand, for producing colored copies of documents, this machine features 1200 x 1200 dots, which is enough to create top-quality colored prints.

OCR Scanner Software

Many of the copiers for lease are packed with extra software. One of the important features you need to look for a printer or copier is the OCR scanner software. Fortunately, the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 printer is equipped with this app. This feature enables users to utilize the machine with ease and convenience.

Benefits of Buying Ricoh Aficio MP 4500

Printer Copier leasing is one of the best options for business owners who don’t have enough budget to purchase a brand new printer. If you have a damaged machine, hire a reliable technician to perform copier repair. Copiers for lease are also popular because of its superior print resolution. One of the great things about using the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer is its ease of use. Anyone can use this machine without a technical background. In this section, you will learn the benefits of buying a Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer. Scroll down to know further.

Top Image Quality

It cannot be denied that the main reason you are planning to purchase a printer is the fact that it produces high-quality images. The Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer has a maximum number of 1400 x 1400 dots, which are enough to help you reproduce a high-quality copy. As mentioned, print quality can be determined by counting the number of dots per inch. The more the dots, the more accurate and precise the resolution.

Fast Speed

Another great advantage of owning a printer is its fast working speed. Compared with the other models and brands, the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer produces copies of black and white and even colored documents in no time. Flexibility and Convenience Copier leasing or purchasing a brand new machine enables you to print out your needed documents in the comfort of your home and without the need to head to the local copy shops. Teachers, office workers, and other employees know how important copier rental is. Aside from giving the flexibility you need, computer leasing also helps you to produce prints conveniently.

Since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation, it cannot be denied how a single machine went through a lot of innovations. You can also add some features for the post-purchase upgrade or during the copier repair process. The said machine works as a printer, a copier, and a scanner of any document. That being said, you don’t need to purchase multiple machines for different purposes. Cost Copiers for lease and other similar machines rely on heat activation for the toner surface heat up. Any machine requires heat to start working.

When using a copier, it is recommended to use a separate electric power to avoid the current hampering performance. With the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer, you can produce numerous copies inexpensively and quickly. The Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer has a small and compact size. Since then, you can place it inside a small room or office. It will not take up too much space. Despite being small, the said machine is rich with high-quality features that are known for producing quality outputs.

Common Problems with Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer

Copiers and printers may develop defects or problems because of improper setup or wrong usage. The good thing is that these issues can be solved through a copier repair. When opting for a copier repair, make sure to assign the task to a professional and trustworthy technician to prevent other problems to develop in the future. The following are some of the common problems you may experience with the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer.

Bad Print Quality

Choosing the wrong type of paper to be used for printing can greatly affect the printing quality. To prevent this from happening, choose the right type, thickness, and size of paper before feeding it into the copier. Aside from that, it is also important to have matched printer settings. That being said, aside from choosing the appropriate paper type, ensuring a good print quality output means picking the right print quality settings.

Too Many Paper Jams

One of the most common causes of paper jams is the accumulation of foreign objects. But, aside from this reason, there are various lesser-known culprits of this printing issue, such as improper insertion of papers or an overfilled paper tray. To solve this problem, fan the stack of paper to get rid of dust and static. If you prefer utilizing thicker papers, it is advised to feed it into the copier manually using the bypass tray.

The Copier Does Not Scan

When the copier does not scan any longer, you should blame the scanner software as it can possibly get corrupted. To solve this problem, try reinstalling the software package of the machine. Copier rental also features a printing software package that you can install. If reinstalling does not work, consider visiting the manufacturer’s website or read the troubleshooting section on the user’s manual. Aside from that, there might be hardware problems that require replacement or repair.

Copies Are Too Light or Too Dark

The imbalance in the copier’s density control is the main villain why the printer produces too light or too dark printing results. One might change the printing settings resulting in the machine to copy the images or any documents too dark or too light. If this is the case of your machine, try to reset its density control level.

Spots on the Page

Everyone wants to print copied documents and images that look perfect and professionally-crafted. On the other hand, if the print outputs feature dots in the same area, this might be due to the accumulated debris or/and smudges on the copy glass or mirror. You can fix this by cleaning the mirrors and glass gently and thoroughly.

How to Fix Lines on Print and Paper Jams on Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer

Paper jams and lines on print are the two of the common problems anyone may experience when using a copier or a printer. In connection to that, the following are the best remedies for these issues. Read on to know more about it.

How to Fix Lines on Print

Lines on print can be caused by the clogged microscopic pores. To fix this issue, try to clean the printer head with the use of a soft cleaner. Do this thoroughly but gently. Utilize the print head cleaning function to get rid of the blocks in the said area.

How to Fix Paper Jams

Another problem you may experience while using the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer is a paper jam. To solve this problem, clean the copier and give it good maintenance. Maintaining a clean printer prevents you from struggling with paper jams. If cleaning the machine did not work, copier repair is the best option.


To conclude, the Ricoh Aficio MP 4500 Printer is a good machine that can be used for personal and work purposes. Copier rental is a good option for those workers who don’t have enough money to avail of a brand new printer or copier.