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Office Copiers and Printers: Top 5 Common Problems

Technology falters just as much as humans make mistakes and that is why we cannot and should not totally rely on our technology assistants, especially in the office, though they make my life way easier. I doubt if you have ever encountered a paper jam when you were hurrying to make a presentation, and then it all messed up, the printer was acting up and your well-prepared presentation got late. Or maybe you wanted to photocopy a particular number of duplicates of your document but your copier just would not start. Your day jumped off the drain, and what was supposed to be of great help to us ruined our trust at some point in time. 

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Knowing the most common problems faced in your office workplace can help you save more time, be productive all throughout the day, and effectively work hand-in-hand with these office machines. Knowing where it went wrong can help you big time to fix it or to have others troubleshoot it.

  1. Paper Jams

We know it. It’s probably the most famous and most annoying problem that jeopardizes your document and eats up your time especially when you are at the verge of hurrying up. Although we all have basic knowledge on how to fix paper jams (and I’m not talking about ripping the paper out the block to clear the way), it really requires lots of patience. It is always safe to refer to the manual to properly troubleshoot the paper jam of your printer or copier. 

  1. Poor Print Quality

You just get confused whether it’s on the machine or the cartridge, yet either way, it is too time-consuming to spot the problem. You can check the software settings of your to-be-printed document if the type of paper on the tray is the same with the paper your settings are allotted to print. For both printers and copiers, you can check the cartridge. See if there are any damage or issues with the cartridge that may have affected the paper quality. If there are smudges all over, try to print and print papers until it cleans itself up. That would work.

  1. Hassle WIFI printing

When ironically it should be designed to ease the hassle and conveniently print and copy all the documents without the need of pressing the buttons on the machine, it takes too much time to work. Though it simply means that the problem is on printer placement, there may be other things that hinder its connection. There may be network traffic or just simply the WIFI router is meters away from the printer or copier. 

  1. Printing and copying with nothing

You have tried to keep pressing the button, but nothing works. The machine works but does not deploy the proper work we put it through to finish. First, check if the printer you’re using is the one registered in your printing drive. If not, see if you totally forgot to refill the paper tray. Another troubleshoot that can be done is to restart the printer or copier and give it at least five minutes to shut down.

  1. Printed colors are not what it was on the screen

Nothing is more disappointing than having your printer material switch colors on their own. Having your actual paper get color-wise as the digital document is a great deal for publishers. But this needed to be invested upon, and redesign the factory resets to colors suitable for your project.   

Being aware of these common problems will help you anticipate some of these and troubleshoot them when the time comes. And you will get to save hundreds for not hiring a technician to come and troubleshoot basic office machine problems.