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6 Reasons To Buy Your Own A3 Printer

In the past, an office is never considered fully functional unless all the necessary machines are available. Printers were needed for every printing task, copiers for copying documents in the office, and a fax machine to send and receive faxed documents.

Recently, the office only needs one machine- a multifunction printer or copier. Technology successfully placed all the functions of different devices into just this one machine. Copiers are no longer limited to copying documents because now it can also scan, fax, print, send emails, and more.

Technological evolution has created more efficient, but affordable devices and one of its best products is the A3 printer. These machines produce great quality prints even in huge volumes. It showcases its expertise in printing like no other machine has done before. However, A3 printers have been labeled to be costly for small businesses. The challenge has been at justifying the features it offers against the cost of getting it outright. So, if you are thinking about replacing your worn out printer, consider these:

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In-house Printing

It is common to see businesses outsourcing the production and printing of their marketing materials just because they don’t have the right machine for the task. Instead of spending precious time in looking for another company to do your prints, having an A3 printer makes you save on both time and money. If you can perform in-house printing with A3 printers, you eliminate the time wasted on contacting printing shops for the job as well as the waiting time for the materials to be delivered. It also gives you the feeling of control over your materials.

Increase Productivity

Make your employees more productive by using A3 printers in the office. It has a decentralized printing feature, which allows users to collect their output at an arms-length. Most of the time, employees who are collecting their printouts from where the machine is will spend a few minutes at someone else’s desk for a quick chat. A productive office meets targets earlier than the deadline.

Be Different

The business world thrives in a highly competitive environment. Consider getting out of the traditional business flow by doing all printing tasks on your own. While other companies rely on outsourcing printing jobs from the local printing shops, take one step ahead by purchasing one of the A3 printers in the market.


It is easy to assume that A3 prints in color is costly, but it is definitely wrong. The latest models of A3 printers are able to supply good quality output for only $5 per day, which is already considered cost-efficient compared to other copiers.


A3 printers may look bigger but, like other multifunction printers, they offer ease of use. Features which allow users to connect and manage printing jobs from smart mobile devices make work more convenient. By downloading “Print utility” app, users can now scan documents from their mobile phone and print documents while on the go.

Sustainable Machine

The “toner save mode” feature of A3 printers allow its users to manage toner settings to match the needs of the job. Since there are certain documents which do not leave the office premises, you can choose either to print in “light” or the “lightest” option. A3 printers are considered eco-friendly machines due to its EA-Eco toner and S-LED print technology.

The fast pace of the business world requires even the small businesses to keep up with the rest of the team otherwise they get left behind. Securing an A3 printer from Copier Lease San Jose professionals makes a great asset in terms of productivity and savings. With an A3 printer, you can step up in the competition.